The Path of The Caterpillar

Karin van Dam, Ed Pien

drawings, three dimensional work

2 September – 7 October 2018

Last year Karin van Dam (1959) travelled with Canadian/Taiwanese artist Ed Pien (1958) through Canada where they visited an underground labyrinth of tunnels at the miningtown Lethbridge. At another location they descended into a large pit where they became fascinated by the microstructures insects had made in the earthen walls. Karin van Dam often depicts underground and urban structures made by man. In the drawings and work on paper that result from the journey the focus shifts to natural forms and their underlying geometrical structure. Ed Pien shows drawings made with oceanwater on black paper that leaves behind white saltcrystals after evaporating. He complements this random pattern with white ink to create cavern-like spaces where ghostly creatures appear.