Andrea Freckmann, Tobias Lengkeek, Ronald Versloot

paintings, three dimensional work

3 September through 2 October 2016

Tobias Lengkeek (1991) attempts to capture time in his canvases: damaged or discarded objects were once new, by painting them he uncovers their previous history. Lengkeek also widens the art of painting to include the third dimension. In the exhibition he, for instance, shows a skate ramp built from a number of paintings on wooden panels. Andrea Freckmann’s (1970) paintings often feature stage-like spaces with reality seeping in. Recently she painted soldiers in eighteenth-century uniforms on hobbyhorses, carrying flags with the text HURRA. With these images she refers to the noble, but sometimes also naïve, attempts to cope with the current political and humanitarian crisis.

In Ronald Versloot’s (1964) work reality and theatricality are also interwoven. He recently produced paintings without using any brushes at all. With templates and spray paint human figures are placed, like actors, in stagelike landscapes that are created by transferring paint from sheets of plastic to the canvas. Sometimes, like in a Rorschach print, the landscape is mirrored from left to richt. Indirectly Versloot also refers to ominous current events by portraying figures who are holding on to each other to travel safely across plains and hills. In the painting Row Your Boat a cluster of canoos is gathered in on a pond with people paddling apparently without direction and in chaos.