Art Island

Dirk Zoete

spatial work, drawings

17- 19 May 2023

fort island IJmuiden
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Art Island takes place at a unique location: the fort island in the mouth North Sea Canal at IJmuiden NL. The late nineteenth century brick fortress houses 33 leading galleries with solo exhibitions and a presentation by post academic institute De Ateliers and Sheriffe artbooks.

At Art Island Galerie Maurits van de Laar shows spatial works and drawings by Dirk Zoete (1969) in stand 30. His stylized human figures are composed of geometric shapes, touching and playful in their utmost simplicity. They seem to be distant cousins ​​of Malevich’s suprematist figures or the costumes from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet.

Dirk Zoete first makes a version in cardboard that is transferred to metal and then painted in such a way that the sketchiness of the paper model is preserved. The contours of the faces are first scraped out into a block of clay onto which plasticrete, a type of arcylic resin, is poured so that the positive shape of the face emerges. the sculptures are presented on four tables, accompanied by pastel drawings, masks and figures made of metal strips, wool, wood plaster on the walls.

Visitors are taken by boat to the island from Sluisplein 80 IJmuiden. The gallery has some entrance tickets left, available via