Dirk Zoete – To be Determined. According to the Situation


Dirk Zoete (1969) has a soloshow at the SMAK Museum Ghent, titled To be Determined. According to the Situation.
In the exhibition Dirk Zoete’s work is displayed in all its aspects: monumental figures in the central main hall, drawings and models in the adjacent rooms. Dirk Zoete’s art always originates in drawing where he creates stagelike spaces with simple houses, ships and constructions with people and animals in them. These images communicate a longing for an unaffected, coherent world in which man can be self sufficient. Other drawings are more explicitly theatrical with sitlized human beings performing or training animals. From these drawings Dirk Zoete developed his three dimensional figures that seem to be a mix of a harlequin and scarecrow, stilized effigies reminiscent of Oskar Schlemmer’s theatrecostumes and Kazimir Malevich’s peasants.

11 March through 4 June 2017  see: smak.be