Track and Trace. Front window with Elsbeth Ciesluk's dancing ants.(photo Eric de Vries)


Elmar Trenkwalder. WVZ 97B, 2016, pencil on paper, glazed ceramic, 62 x 40 x 6 cm


Track and Trace: Christie van der Haak's panels with epoxy resin on wallpaper, Elmar Trenkwalder's drawing in ceramic frame. (photo Eric de Vries)


Henri Jacobs, Journal Drawings. Marcel van Eeden, Dessert Cat. 2.8 : Desserts, lithographies


Marcel van Eeden. No title, 2015 neropencil on paper 19 x 28 cm


Marcel van Eeden, 6 drawings, no title, 2015, 2016, neropencil on paper, 6x 19 x 28 cm
Lithography series Cat. 2.8 : Desserts, 7 pieces


Marcel van Eeden. No title, 2015 neropencil on paper 19 x 28 cm


Frank Van den Broeck. Missive, 1989, pastel on paper, 96 x 64 cm, "....", 2002, ink and acrylic on paper, 96 x 64 cm


Marcel van Eeden. 6 drawings and Cat 2.8 Dessert lithography series, Martin Assig 16 St. Paul series drawings, 2014-2016, pastel, watercolour and wax on paper, 16x 39,3 x 30 cm


Marjolijn van der Meij. Ephebe of Marathon I, 2016, foil on paper, 19 x 15 x 5 cm

Nare Eloyan. 8 painted vases, 4 drawings, Track & Trace, 25 years Galerie Maurits van de Laar


Track and Trace Overview back room. (photo Eric de Vries)


Track and Trace. Pascale Sophie Kaparis: Hand Mouth woodcutprint (left) Heidi Linck: Out of the Blue, drawing in ink and acrylic. (photo Eric de Vries)


Diederik Gerlach. Under The Open Sky, 2014, gouache on paper, 8 x 50x65 cm. Tobias Lengkeek, 6 paintings. Tobias Gerber, Pieta with Pemmikan, 2014, terra cotta, 25 x 45 x 25 cm