Fransje Killaars: Een staat tot Een – Een staat tot Allen 

Fransje Killaars (1959) has created two textile installations at Museum de Kantfabriek and around St.Lambertus Church in Horst. Killaars placed a four-metre-wide blue carpet around the entire exterior of St Lambertus Church. By placing this strong colourful accent around the architecture, she visually detaches the church from its surroundings. Inside the church, there are several early sculptures made by Fransje Killaars’s father, sculptor Piet Killaars. Fransje Killaars hung block-printed banners behind the two linden wood sculptures of her father.

Additionally, two installations are on display at Museum de Kantfabriek. In one room, Killaars shows the installation 24 Hours, symbolizing a life that has to be lived over and over again, within the twenty-four hours of each day. For the other room, Fransje Killaars created a new work titled: Een staat tot Allen (One Stands to All.) The room is drenched in colour by block-printed fabrics in green, red, yellow, fluorescent pink, blue and lilac that are applied to the walls and on a stage at table height in the center of the room. On the platform naked mannequins are laid next one another, bringing the human scale into the installation. Fransje Killaars thus addresses the notion of individual freedom that can be threatened by the abuse of power. The exhibition also features a documentary film about Fransje Killaars’ work and the preparations for the exhibition, made by her daughter, documentary filmmaker Céline Villevoye. The exhibition thus connects three generations.

2 June through 8 September 2024

Museum de Kantfabriek, Americaanseweg 8, Horst
St. Lambertus Church, Sint Lambertusplein 16, Horst

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The exhibition was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Horst and Stichting Culturele Hotpot.