Glück auf

Diederik Gerlach

guests Martin Assig, Tobias Gerber

works on paper, drawings

20 February – 27 March 2022

Finissage Sunday 27 March 1 – 5 pm with tea, coffee & cookies followed by a glass of wine to conclude the show. Diederik Gerlach is present as of 2 pm.

In the story Heinrich von Ofterdingen by German poet Novalis, a miner embarks on a subterranean journey and experiences the beauty and mystery of nature with greater intensity than his counterparts above the ground. Inspired by this evocative story, Diederik Gerlach (1956) recognized in Novalis’ miner the deed of the artist, who requires seclusion to get to the core of his creation. His drawings can be seen as an excursion through the subconscious, in which he tries to capture his memories and reflections on life in new images. At Diederik Gerlach’s request, Arjen Duinker (1956) wrote a poem entitled De Grond (The Ground), which echoes the metaphor of the miner. It is included in Glück auf, a small publication designed by Ben Faydherbe that accompanies the exhibition. Duinker’s poem is presented amidst the two series of brush drawings by Diederik Gerlach on display: Intermezzo and Ballade.

The titles of the series refer to the musical works of the Romantic era, which inspire the artist in the free and ironic spirit of their composition. In the drawings, Gerlach builds an inverted world in which fish swim above an ancient city, a ladder defies gravity and organic forms can transform into geometric ones. The exhibition will also include two large works on paper: Mon Père, an ode to his father; and Mon Frère, a self-portrait in which Gerlach depicts himself as a brother. Both portraits feature images of holiday memories, old advertisements, and geometric figures by Josef Albers.

Additionally, Martin Assig (1959) and Tobias Gerber (1961) were invited as guest artists, for Gerlach recognizes them as kindred spirits. They will exhibit drawings and gouaches.