Kim Hospers (1980) participates in the groupshow Living Cube #2/La Fête in Orléans France.
The exhibition’s focus is on the phenomenon party. Kim Hospers shows two Esse Est Percipi #whatever drawings based on photographs published on the internet of drunken, sleeping people adorned with make-up, food or objects to ridicule them.

Other participating artists are Mariano Angelotti, Michael Buckley, Pierre Budet, Damien Dion, Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Nicolas Loiseau, Mazaccio & Drowilal, Samir Mougas, Alexandre Benjamin Navet, Jean-Michel Ouvry, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Zach Reini, Mathieu Renard, Marie Samson, Clara Thomine, and Florian Viel.

through 11 November, more information on: