Robine Clignett

work on paper

25-10 through 22-11-2015

Colour has always been the central focus in the work of Robine Clignett (1948).
She has searched for the deepest black, experimented with natural pigments but has also collected literary, historical, chemical and physical facts and insights concerning colour. She bundled them in small publications that were meticulously typographically designed by her husband Klaus Baumgärtner (1948 – 2013).

Besides an absolute, abstract quality, the concept of colour also contains a broad spectrum of meanings and associations flowing from the spectator’s perception. In her most recent works on paper, Robine Clignett mainly focuses on the mental experience of colour.

The titles of these works also always include the names of the colours, as though they were personalities. Powerful and clear shapes like circles and meandering strips give the image an almost pictogram-like appearance. Despite the nearly abstract forms, the image always originates from the associations and concepts that Robine Clignett experiences when dealing with a particular colour. Often they are derived from nature and it seems as though we are seeing shapes that usually remain hidden behind direct perception.

On the occasion of the exhibition a small publication is issued with the support of Stroom Den Haag