Julia Kiryanova, The Battle I, 2022 tufted wool on cotton, 220 x 260 cm
Julia Kiryanova, The Battle I, 2022 tufted wool on cotton, 220 x 260 cm




Cedric ter Bals, Lisa Blaauwbroek
Julia Kiryanova, Lotte van Lieshout 

drawings, tapestries, paintings


21-01 through 18-02-2024


finissage Sunday 18 February 13:00-17:00 h.
the artists are present


Telling stories is an ancient human need that exists to this day. Either to put events into perspective, give meaning to human interactions, fathom the mystery of life or to explain the psychological development of man. Literature is primarily the domain for storytelling, but narrative also plays an important role in the visual arts. Artists thus construct their own world to get a grip on reality. In Storytelling four artists show work in which narrative is important.

Lisa Blaauwbroek (1990) and Cedric ter Bals (1990) recently began a correspondence in which they saw dancing on the edge of the volcano and the force of rolling waves as symbols of the artistic process. Relating to Mount Fuji and Hokusai’s famous wave, they began a series of drawings in which Japanese elements appear. Lisa Blaauwbroek’s small drawings of stylized mountains and waves are executed with great precision and refinement with bright, sometimes hallucinatory colours.

Cedric ter Bals previously created the diary of his alter ego Oskar von Balz, a German soldier from World War I. He has now transformed into Speedhorse Cedric, a Von Balz in Samurai shape galloping into the world of Japanese culture.
Julia Kiryanova (1997, Kazakhstan) makes large tapestries in which she develops a personal symbolism. In her mythical landscapes, naked humans and fabled creatures appear, some half animal, half human, that work together or fight each other. Kiryanova who is often present herself in the tapestries also engages in performances with others, naked and body painted, in which she expresses vulnerability, sensuality and spirituality.
Lotte van Lieshout (1978) works in her paintings from a very personal perspective which can be understood as a chronicle of her life and her artistry. Many of the paintings she is showing now were created during a stay this summer in the guest studio of the Vincent Van Goghhuis in which her work refers to Van Gogh’s world.