Zeger Reyers, My First Tractor II, 2024, installation, Kunstenlab, Deventer, photo Zeger Reyers

Zeger Reyers – My First Tractor II

Zeger Reyers (1966) has created an installation at Kunstenlab Deventer entitled My First Tractor II. Zeger Reyers is known for his biotopical installations in which he incorporates nature in a man made environment, thus making us aware of the vulnerability of both nature and our habitat. My First Tractor refers to the tracks the wheels of a tractor leaves in a field. At table height Zeger Reyers has a recreated a tractor wheel track in a pasture with water at the center bordered by plants and weeds. In addition he put a large block of clay from which visitors can sculpt a tractor model that are displayed on shelves along the installation,  in order to make us aware of the impact man has on nature.

8 May – 30 June 2024

Kunstenlab, Havenplein 20, 7411 ME Deventer
more info at: kunstenlab.nl