Anuli Croon, Ronald Versloot


10 January – 8 February 2009

The paintings of Anuli Croon (1964) are determined by patterns and geometrical forms, which by their colour and structure force the viewer to read the image carefully. By using tape, paint roller and stencils the patterns are neutral and sharp, at the same time it is clear to see that the image as a whole has been built upon intuition. On second view the patterns can also be seen as architectural spaces, more angles and perspectives are present within one painting. Anuli Croon thus breaks through our conditioned manner of looking and offers the viewer the possibility to observe in a new unbiased way.

Ronald Versloot (1964) is known for using linoprints on his canvasses. Often these are human figures that perform as actors in a painted setting. Recently Versloot also started to use printed photographs in his paintings. It raises the question what is truly real: the photograph or the reality of the painted image. By repeating the colour of a photographed object, or adding a painted shadow to it Versloot integrates photography whithin the painting. Thus the images become sharpened, the mysterious scenes, which often seem to depict the moment just before or after a dramatic event, enhance this.