Art Island

Susanna Inglada

textile work, work on paper

26, 27, 28 May 2023

fort island IJmuiden
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The art fair Art Island takes place at a unique location: the Fort Island in the mouth of the North Sea Canal near IJmuiden. In the fort’s corridor system, 36 leading galleries and non-profit institutions will offer presentations you will not usually see at a regular fair.

Galerie Maurits van de Laar shows a large textile work by Susanna Inglada (1983) in room 25 on the connecting corridor on the first floor. The work was created after a residency at textile centre Lotto Zero in Prato, Italy, where Susanna Inglada experimented with textiles last year. Medusa is her first major spatial work in textiles, the work was shown in the Paper Trails exhibition at Kunstlinie Almere in 2022.

Susanna Inglada adjusts the cliché of Medusa as a fatal woman by presenting her crying: the two blue arches are the tears flowing from her eyes. Medusa is the victim of Poseidon who rapes her upon which Athena, out of jealousy, turns her into a gorgon with snake hair that petrifies anyone who looks into her eyes.

During a residency in Rome in 2020 Susanna Inglada researched the image of women through the eyes of male artists in art history. This often moves between the extremes of the pious Madonna to the depraved temptress. Susanna Inglada’s Medusa rather is a victim, condemned to an existence as a monster.