Art Rotterdam 2021

Andrea Freckmann, Susanna Inglada, Dirk Zoete

paintings, work on paper, drawings

1 through 4 July 2021

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Galerie Maurits van de Laar presents in stand 19 paintings by Andrea Freckmann, drawings by Susanna Inglada and Dirk Zoete.

Andrea Freckmann (1970) shows new oil paintings she made during lockdown. Hence she focuses on the environment of her home and studio, and summarizes the motifs she has used till now in her work: her dog, the furniture from her home and studio, plants, birds and the direct surroundings of her home. Several small format paintings show board games and playing cards associated with the domestic environment to which were confined during the recent COVID period.

Susanna Inglada (1983) creates a small installation with partly three dimensional drawings that has a dramatic centre in the corner with people falling an tumbling. As always she focuses on the balance of power between people in an expressive and theatrical way.

Dirk Zoete (1969) shows drawings from his Cactus Derivatives series in which the cacti are made up from simple geometric forms that are varied upon constanly. He thus creates a fantastic imaginary herbarium in that like his other drawings contains playful references to Bauhaus and Constructivist abstractions.