WVZ 352S, 2019, earthware, glaze, 82 x 91 x 36 cm


Elmar & Elisabeth Trenkwalder

8 January through 5 March 2023

ceramic sculptures, drawings, paintings

Elmar Trenkwalder (1959) and Elisabeth Trenkwalder (1961) are the first exhibitors at the gallery’s new location at Toussaintkade 49 in The Hague. Elmar Trenkwalder parallel has a large retrospective in Museum Beelden aan Zee entitled Garden of Earthly Delights. In his ceramic sculptures Elmar Trenkwalder creates an intriguing fusion of architecture, nature and the human body. Center piece in the Museum Beelden aan Zee exhibition is a colossal new ceramic sculpture consisting of an ensemble of organically formed columns in which small creatures and figures are hidden.
In the exhibition at the gallery models of large works are presented alongside smaller and medium-sized sculptures.

This includes a reclining lion-like figure related to the lion at the foot of one of the columns of the large sculpture in the museum. Elisabeth Trenkwalder shows a series of paintings in which she depicts trees seen from below that are silhouetted against the sky. Mirroring and doubling them creates patterns in which, in addition to the trees, you can also recognize overarching shapes such as faces. Elmar and Elisabeth Trenkwalder have a longlasting cooperation in which they mutually influence and complement each other’s art. In addition to the sculptures, you can see drawings by Elmar Trenkwalder of studies for sculptures besides independent works that give an insight of the development of his forms and motives.

Elmar Trenkwalder

Elisabeth Trenkwalder