Elmar Trenkwalder in Museum Liaunig

The Liaunig Museum in Neuhaus, Austria hosts, the exhibition Cordially Dedicated to the Future/ Art from the past and present. It provides an overview of the diversity of Austrian art from 1945 to the present. The exhibition is divided into five different thematic areas in which an older work of art is combined with a more recent work. in the “Fantastic Worlds” category Elmar Trenkwalder (1959) shows an enormous altar in blue glazed ceramics consisting of multiple columns that contain references to different religions. Trenkwalder’s sculpture is combined with the paintings of Claus Mayrhofer Barabbas.

through 31-10-2019 Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus, Austria
see: www.museumliaunig.at and www.parnass.at