Andrea Freckmann, Theun Govers

paintings, installation

15 November – 21 December 2014

Interiors and architecture are important in the paintings of Andrea Freckmann (1970) and Theun Govers (1976). Freckmann paints people in rooms with extravagant colors and ornaments. Govers paints nearly abstract architectural images in which interiors blend into exteriors. In the exhibition Fremdhaus (Strange House) the work of these two artists is combined in an installation with a constructed wall featuring patterns from Govers’ paintings.

In front of the wall there is an arrangement with a chair, table and floor lamp that could have come straight out of one of Freckmann’s paintings. On the wall hang paintings by both artists, on the table lies a View-Master with stereoscopic photos of staged interiors in which Andrea Freckmann poses wearing historical costumes.