Karin van Dam, Ed Pien

three dimensional work, aluminium and paper cut outs, drawings

11 October – 9 November 2014

Karin van Dam (1959) and Ed Pien (1958) are artists who expand on two-dimensional drawing by involving the third dimension. They showed their work together before in Beijing and Shanghai, among other places. Karin van Dam uses materials such as boat buffers, umbrellas and even prefab polyester ponds that she places and connects in a space. She regards these installations as three-dimensional drawings. The Taiwanese Canadian artist Ed Pien often works with paper cutouts, a technique he picked up in China on one of his study trips.

These cutout drawings are not only placed on the wall, like classical drawings, but are also used to build large installations that the audience can walk through. Very recently Ed Pien started experimenting with aluminium in which forms and figures are cut out by using a powerful water jet. In these aluminum works, he plays with the scale of the people, nature and architecture he portrays. During the exhibition Karin van Dam mainly shows autonomous spatial works that will be combined with Ed Pien’s paper and aluminium cutouts.