Robbie Cornelissen

drawings, animationvideo

18 May – 8 June  2014

Robbie Cornelissen (1954) is known for his large format drawings in which the spectator is allowed to wander through complex architectural spaces. He also tests the boundaries of drawing as a medium. Over the past year he has been working on a new animated film with Kees Went: The Black Room 2014. The work consists of about 60 animations based on charcoal drawings, in which the themes perspective and space, abstraction and figuration and the transition from two dimensional to three dimensional are investigated.

The animation films are meant to be shown simultaneously on three screens in a u-shaped space in a constantly varying compilation, allowing the work to continuously rejuvenate itself. In the back room of the gallery the u-shaped projection space is still only shown on one screen in perspective. Here also the preliminary sketches of the animations in charcoal on paper will be shown. In the front room new independent drawings are shown, amongst others a large scale drawing of a traditional parliament hall that contains strange creatures and forms hidden in its benches and balconies.