Elsbeth Ciesluk

28 June – 26 July 2015
after that by appointment through 5 September

Elsbeth Ciesluk (1986) takes objects from her direct personal environment and subtly transforms their meaning in her work. For instance, she produced a series of casts of steam iron soleplates that, with their points facing upwards, are transformed to resemble alcoves. Simple strips of paper are pleated; giving them a rounded top edge and making them look like porches or huge doors. When placed on the wall, the strips of paper and the steam irons together make up a whole that has an architectural function, but can also be interpreted as a series of characters or icons.

Language always plays an important role in Ciesluk’s work. She preferably uses a typewriter to write texts that are both very direct and mysterious; they express a sense of wonder, but also deal with the struggle with the world’s imperfections. In the exhibition small textual works will connect the different works of art with each other.