drawings, film Belgian sculptors, parallel to Vormidable

Eva de Leener, Sophie Muller, Johan Tahon
Dirk Zoete, Ruben Bellinkx

24 May – 21 June 2015

This year’s sculpture exhibtion at the Lange Voorhout The Hague and Museum Beelden aan Zee Scheveningen focuses on Belgium. The exhibtition titled Vormidable shows works by thrity five contemporary Belgian sculptors. Parallel to this Galerie Maurits van de Laar organizes with Vormidable curator Stef van Bellingen an exhibition of drawings and a film by five Belgian sculptors

Eva de Leener’s (1978) drawings show mythical human figures that are reminiscent of outsider art; archetypes from myths and religion which she mixes with autobiographical elements. In her work on paper, Sofie Muller (1974) presents the human form in a tenuous yet very evocative way using materials such as soot and blood to produce her drawings.

In Johan Tahon’s (1965) work man also occupies center stage. The body is often portrayed as a vulnerable shell of the soul and it is exactly this imperfection that has a very direct emotional effect on the spectator. Dirk Zoete (1969) places the human form in a stage-like setting in which the theater and the outside world intermingle. The harlequinesque figures and animals are built up from simple geometric shapes that, as silhouettes, perform against a light background. Ruben Bellinkx (1975) undermines our sense of certainty by making interventions in our everyday surroundings which he subsequently captures on film. Water spills from a lamp hanging above a dining table, for instance. In another work, the trophy on the wall turns out to be the head of a living deer patiently standing on a platform on the other side of the wall.