sculpture, Simone Albers Prima, Materia 2
Simone Albers, Prima Materia 2, 2023, wood, rope, ceramics, metal, acrylic, paper, sand, 90 x 270 x 270 cm



Myriad Ways of Being ~

Being of Myriad Ways


Simone Albers

winner Sieger White Award 2022


paintings, three dimensional work

08 through 26-11-2023

See Keeley Haftner’s review at Jegens & Tevens

At the request of the Sieger White Foundation and Culture Fund, Galerie Maurits van de Laar hosts the exhibition Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways by Simone Albers, winner of the Sieger White Award 2022. The award ceremony and presentation of the accompanying publication Myriad Ways of Being will take place at the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday evening 8 November around 19:00 h.

Simone Albers (1990) is fascinated by the laws of the cosmos and the complexity of the natural world. She approaches these phenomena from a natural scientific and a philosophical angle to delve into what lies hidden behind the immediate perceptible. In doing so, she switches between large and small scale, from microscopic cellular structures to black holes of the universe. Her paintings are composed of soft geometric shapes in pastel shades on which tightly accented ribbons meander across the canvas like a DNA strand.

Attached to them are shapes reminiscent of microscopic single-celled organisms, corals or jellyfish. Simultaneously they can be read as celestial bodies and supernovas on a macro level. The ribbons are painted with a mix of sand and paint, giving them sharpness and relief, which makes them seem to float above the soft geometric background. Their swirling form conveys a continuous movement to the image.

In her spatial work, Simone Albers also uses a connecting form like a meandering line or a ring to which smaller organic objects are attached. Thus, the constellations from her paintings take on a tangible, spatial form with which she seems to prove the existence of this hidden reality.

The Sieger White Award is intended for painters up the age of 35 from the east of the  Netherlands. The award includes a grant for a publication and an exhibition in a renowned gallery in the west of the Netherlands. The book and the exhibition are an encouragement for the awarded artist to the further development of their oeuvre. Since 2012, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund has been awarding the Sieger White Award every two years. The award is named after the artist couple Fred Sieger (1902-1999) and Helen Sieger-White (1911-2010) and was initiated by the Sieger White Foundation.

In the publication Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways, the authors Loes van Beuningen, Susan Peeters, Sabine Winters and Wouter Engelbart investigate how Simone Albers visualises the invisible cosmos and establishes connections between everything that lives and is. The publication is designed by Dana Dijkgraaf and published by Jap Sam Books, 112 pages, softcover, price € 20,- available at the gallery. ISBN 978-94-92852-98-4