Paul van der Eerden, Romy Muijrers

collaborative drawings

15-11-2020 till 21-03-2021

The gallery is open again, please register your visit at, maximum 2 persons at a time

Paul van der Eerden (1954) and Romy Muijrers (1990) started their collaborative project SUITE in 2018, for which they produce collective drawings. One starts by making a first sketch or staining the paper, after which the other elaborates on this during several sessions until the drawing is completed. While Van der Eerden mainly works with strong, clear lines and contrasts, Muijrers’ approach is more detailed and softer by nature. The two hands can still be distinguished at first converging gradually into a symbiosis where you seem to be dealing with a single artist who is continually evolving.

The images vary from landscapes, plants, and human figures to texts, some of which have been depicted in great detail, while others are simpler and have a more pronounced shape. The texts have been derived from poetry and literature by writers such as Li Po, Han Shan, or William Blake, but also from pop songs by Joni Mitchell, The Byrds, or Radiohead. In the exhibition all SUITE drawings to date are shown, combined with a mural painting and a display case with archival material, including a number of failed SUITE drawings as well.