The Solo Project

Christie van der Haak, Susanna Inglada

wallpaper / expoypanels, drawings / installation

28 April through 1 May 2022
Circularium Liverpool 1, Chaussée de Mons 95, Brussels

The Solo Project is an art fair initiated by gallerist Paul Kusseneers. Curators Tanya Rumpff, Charlotte Lidon, Nada Odeh, Eva Wuytjens and Christophe Ménager selected thirty galleries from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Palestine and Senegal to participate.

The floor plan of the fair is set up with L-shaped walls that are grouped separately from each other to obtain an open presentation. Each booth has a solo presentation of an artist. Gallery Maurits van de Laar will be showing patterns by Christie van der Haak, who designed a new  wallpaper and epoxy panels in stand B7. Her presentation is supported by Stroom Den Haag.

In stand B6, Susanna Inglada shows a new work from the Crowds series and the installation My Sabines, which consists of a monumental drawing with clouds placed on the floor in front of it. The work was previously shown in the Drawing Center Diepenheim in her solo exhibition What Are You Looking At.

The Solo Project takes place in the Circularium Liverpool 1 at Chaussée de Mons 95, Brussels, 1.2 km from South Station and 2 km from Wiels Art Center. Art Brussels takes place at the same time. More information at