Andrea Freckmann, Peter Vos

paintings, three dimensional work

10 October – 8 November 2020

Because of new corona restrictions maximum two persons at a time, ring doorbell first.

Animals play a key role in the work of Andrea Freckmann (1970) and Peter Vos (1975). In her fluent, yet accurate style, Andrea Freckmann paints dogs and birds and places them in domestic environments. Peter Vos, on the other hand, isolates his moths and birds against a neutral background. He depicts them in subtle hues and brushed, soft contours, enhancing the animals’ posture and character by applying a certain geometric stylization. Recently, he also painted young women holding a bird on their hand, their appearance and expression varies from soft and dreamy to harsh and alert. Abstract shapes are applied to their clothing, related to Art Deco and the flat patterns from Japanese art that influenced painters like Van Gogh and Gauguin.

Despite the fact that her images are directly recognizable, Andrea Freckmann’s work also contains a certain measure of abstraction. By isolating the pattern of a Persian rug, or depicting a carpeted and furnished room from above, the shapes become more autonomous and abstract. She often combines more abstract works like this with a small painting of a little bird or a sculpture of an owl, for instance. On the wall of the gallery’s display window, she will paint a depiction next to a small spatial work. In the exhibition the paintings of both artists are combined with eachother in several cabinet like rooms, resulting in interesting matches of for instance a Bird of Pardise of Peter Vos looking at a room with carpet an furniture of Andrea Freckmann.