Susanna Inglada, Charlotte Schleiffert

drawings, work on paper, animations, painting

6 September – 4 October 2020

finissage Sunday 4 October 13:00 – 17:00 hours
due to Corona protocol maximum capacity of the gallery 12 persons

Charlotte Schleiffert (1967) and Susanna Inglada (1983) both quite recently participated in a residency abroad that gave their work a new impulse. In the spring of 2019, Charlotte Schleiffert made a series of drawings in Paris directly from nature amongst others at the Jardin des Plantes, which she later colored in at her studio. Nature thus takes center stage, human beings – usually so prominently featured in her work – are now at best present as visitors or statues in the park. During the past months, Susanna Inglada stayed at the Accademia di Spagna in Rome directly before and during lockdown, where she studied the classics and baroque art. During this residency, her use of color became more abundant. Apart from that she mainly researched the roles women are attributed in art; at one end she is a saint and mother, while at the other she is a victim of sexual abuse.

The balance of power and the position of women play an important role in the work of both Susanna Inglada and Charlotte Schleiffert.
In the exhibition Charlotte Schleiffert shows a series of medium sized smaller nature drawings that now and then include references to art history. Also shown are two large works on paper, one featuring a woman with a bird’s head, and one featuring a costume built up from sea animals and plastic waste: an almost animistic contemporary approach to our relationship with nature. Apart from a series of portraits and new animations Susanna Inglada shows a large work on paper that is built up from a jumble of hands and arms. Here the groping hands from Bernini’s sculptures The Rape of Proserpina or Apollo and Daphne at the Villa Borghese do not seem to be far off.