Drawing Now

Martin Assig, Tobias Gerber, Ronald Versloot, Dan Zhu

drawings, work on paper

open by appointment through 22 August

As an alternative to the Drawing Now Paris art fair which has been postponed to June 2021, Martin Assig and Ronald Versloot will now show their drawings in the gallery. Romy Muijrers and Paul van der Eerden who would also be shown at the Paris fair will exhibit in November at the gallery, showing their Suite project for which they made collaborative drawings.

Martin Assig (1959) presents work from his St. Paul series in which he depicts  the basic themes of human existence in a moving and poignant way. Often there is a combination of text and image as in the work of Paul Klee to which the title of the series refers.
Ronald Versloot (1964) has been working on a series of pastel drawings in his Berlin studio in the months before and during lock down. In the series he undertakes an inward journey along memories dreams and images. The images can have an atmosphere of paradise lost or estrangement but each one is conceived in a spirit of hope and beauty, which turns things around into a Paradise (re)Found.

click here for online catalogue pastels Ronald Versloot

Tobias Gerber (1961) made a series of gouaches titeld Aus der schwarzen Kiste (From the Black Trunk) in 2016. In them you look through a keyhole out on a landscape. They are depicted in soft pastel colours but nevertheless contain slightly disturbing elements like a fire in the distance or the chimneys of an oil refinery. One of the keyhole gouaches is part of the Unlocked / Reconnected project that draws attention to the reopening of museums and exhibition platforms venues in the Netherlands after lockdown.

more information on www.unlockedreconnected.nl

The fourth artist in Drawing Now is the young Chinese talent Dan Zhu (1985), who creates a magical world in a refined style in which for instance mussels can string together like a stick and walk on the beach probing the sand with their tiny feelers. Another work has a view through a train window where all kinds of things are presented, all meticulously detailed: flowers and leaves, flying creatures and moons, central below in the drawing tea and coffee are served inside the train. They pass by as in a dreamed journey in which everything has its meaning.