Art The Hague Online

Tobias Lengkeek, Ronald Versloot, Peter Vos

paintings, drawings

through 18 April 2021


Fifteen galleries participate in Art The Hague online as a prelude to the live edition that will be held at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague in autumn. Gallery Maurits van de Laar presents paintings by Tobias Lengkeek, Peter Vos and Ronald Versloot, who also shows pastel drawings.

Tobias Lengkeek (Rotterdam, 1991) tries to capture time in his work. In the Debris paintings he depicts damaged or discarded objects, the Alteration canvases depict buildings that are being demolished or renovated. Once these objects and buildings were whole and new, by painting them he wants to capture the process of transition between their origin and current delirict state. Tobias Lengkeek also researches how painting can be extended to the three dimensional. For example he constructs skate ramps on which he mounts his paintings, or he places his paintings freestanding in the exhibition space.

Ronald Versloot (Apeldoorn 1964) made a series of pastel drawings in his Berlin studio before and during the first lockdown. They are often idyllic landscapes that have a mysterious charge. His paintings also have an element of alienation in them, with a solitary figure in an enormous landscape. Versloot often experiments with the flow of paint and uses lacquer paint and epoxy resin to achieve a smooth representation of the landscape.

The work of Peter Vos (Utrecht 1977) can prove the relationship between humans and animals, mainly through gaze. Often, his birds look directly at the viewer, in an encounter in which the observer recognizes himself or herself in the animal being. The depiction of specific periods of life development -with their respective character traits- position Peter Vos’s animals as metaphors for the human life cycle.