AUSZEIT  Diederik Gerlach

paintings, works on paper + publication

9 October through 13 November 2016

Auszeit means time-out or vacation and in the work of Diederik Gerlach (1956) this word is given an additional dimension. His paintings seem to have ‘fallen out of time’ or appear to be ‘waking dreams’, as the critic Dolf Welling once described them. Gerlach’s images refer to his own past, to a time in which he still experienced the world as one large and obscure playground. The scenes featuring charming landscapes and towns in Alpine countries contain absurd and disturbing elements that put the images on edge and undermine their initial idyllic qualities.

Besides the paintings and works on paper Diederik Gerlach presents a publication illustrated by him about the war adventure of his father Henk Gerlach. The book titled Under The Open Sky is written by journalist Casper Postmaa (editior in chief of Den Haag Centraal). The publication was designed and published by Eindeloos graphic designers and publishers, The Hague. The illustrations will be shown during the upcoming exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of Galerie Maurits van de Laar from 29 October through 20 November 2016.