Erik Pape, Dieter Mammel, Tobias Lengkeek


open by appointment through 18 August 2019

Generate is an exhibition featuring three painters from three generations. It demonstrates that painting is still a vital medium in which the artists can also show their social commitment.

For most of his career, Erik Pape (1942, Roosendaal) has been using Paris as a theme for his work. His aim is to overcome the stereotypes surrounding its iconic locations, such as the Tuileries and later on also the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. For the past three years however he has been painting everyday objects he comes across around the busy junction of Place Stalingrad. They are witnesses of the unadorned and sometimes harsh reality of this metropolis.

On the occasion of the exhibition a publication is issued titled Things that struck me of Erik Pape’s pantings from 2017 onwards, about his observations of everyday life on and around the Place Stalingrad.

Dieter Mammel (1965 Reutlingen, Germany) paints with ink on wet canvas, which causes the paint to run and branch out. His current paintings relate to the sublime beauty of the polar landscape that is threatened by the effects of climate change. Just like in a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, man is present as a tiny insignificant figure, yet in this case also the cause of the threatening destruction of this habitat.

Tobias Lengkeek
(1991, Rotterdam) attempts to capture time in his work. In the Debris paintings, he depicts damaged or discarded objects. Once upon a time, these objects were still intact and new; by painting them he attempts to visualize their former life. The Alteration paintings show buildings or structures that are being renovated or demolished, Lengkeek attempts to visualize this process of change and thus the passing of time. The paintings are presented in a wooden framework that stands detached in front of the wall.