Paul van der Eerden en Romy Muijrers in Wondrous Creatures


Paul van der Eerden (1954) and Romy Muijrers (1990) participate in Wondrous Creatures at Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort. To mark the 75th anniversary of Dierenpark Amersfoort, KAdE organizes an exhibition focusing on animals. The exhibition features old prints and woodcuts, a contemporary diorama, 3D animations, films and drawings. Under the title On Marvellous Things, Romy Muijrers and Paul van der Eerden show new SUITE drawings together with sculptures by Jordan Herregraven. The title refers to a series of anecdotes about the natural world, attributed to Aristotle.

Participating artists are Greta Alfaro (ES) Annabelle Binnerts (NL) Mircea Cantor (RO) Daniel Dmyszewicz (NL) Sofia Crespo (IT/AR) Paul van der Eerden (NL) Philip Emde (DE) Jordan Herregraven (NL/US) Tuomas A. Laitinen (FI) Romy Muijrers (NL) Katja Novitskova (EE) Jacco Olivier (NL) Amalia Pica (AR) Mette Sterre (NL) Philip Ullman (SE) Anne de Vries (NL)


3 June – 3 September 2023, Kunsthal KAdE, Eemplein 77, 3812 EA Amersfoort
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