Sam Hersbach, Susanna Inglada, Jantien Jongsma
Ronald Versloot, Dan Zhu

paintings, works on paper, drawings

10 July – 14 August
After 31 July open by appointment till 14 August:

The Summershow features work by regular and new artists of the gallery.

Sam Hersbach (1995) exhibits for the first time, his paintings have intriguing titles like (Hospital) Cleaningservice to fight unbalanced critters, amidst horsemenor Clumsy catfish hunting a mysterious horse rider. They are boldly painted in flashy colours, presenting figures and animals that loom between dome shaped mountains like in a dream or a hallucination.

Besides shows smaller drawings Susanna Inglada (1983) shows a large collaged work: Turning the Tables in which two women are reading and a third writes with the braids of the one above her. By reading and writing they acquire knowledge and shift the balance of power between men and women.

Jantien Jongsma (1965) once described her work as a self invented folklore, with lots of details and a subjective use of perspective. She now shows among others works on paper of birds embedded in a lavish natural habitat.

Ronald Versloot (1964) made series of new pastels in which he builds up the image with a minimum of lines. In Dip In he creates a rotating movement that starts in the circles where the diver will hit the water. The arch of branches above and blue waves below enhance this movement.

Dan Zhu (1985) made new work on paper. In The Lightning she summons up a dreamlike nocturnal world with a giant moth. From its wings tiny lines run ending in orange dots that launch small bolts of lightning. Like seeds spreading new life they invigorate the nightly blue skies.