Zeger Reyers in Royal Encounters

Museum Escher in het Paleis invited ten artists from The Hague to create a graphic work in which they reflect on Lange Voorhout Palace and its former resident Queen Mother Emma. Zeger Reyers (1966) made a work entitled Whisper Horse, in which Emma’s love for embroidery and horses is central. One part subtitled The Horses Are Not What They Seem consists of a photo etched on silver-plated glass of an embroidering Emma and an embroidery made by her of a gray horse. It hangs next to a large mirror dating from Emma’s era, which is now weathered, opposite of it is a panel in which the contour of the embroidered gray horse has been applied with mother-of-pearl pigment. Zeger Reyers thus connects the past with the present and showcases Emma’s little-known hobby.

The other participating artists are: Ai Hashimoto, Arike Gill, Hanna de Haan, Koos Breen, Lotte van Lieshout, Marleen Sleeuwits, Nynke Koster, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Yaïr Callender. The exhibition entitled Royal Encounters has been composed by curator Judith Kadee en was accomplished in collaboration with the  Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag.

9 September – 6 November 2022

Museum Escher in het Paleis, Lange Voorhout 74, 2514 EH The Hague
more information at: www.escherinhetpaleis.nl