Christie van der Haak in Kasteel Helmond and HEM Zaandam

Christie van der Haak (1950) has a solo exhibition in Castle Helmond: an installation with wall and floor patterns, furniture, fabrics and glass in which Christie van der Haak focuses on the life of Maria van Brabant (1189 – 1260) who played an important role in the culture and politics of her time. In the HEM Zaandam, three early works by Christie van der Haak have been included in the Chapter 3hree exhibition. In the exhibition, curator Maarten Spruyt argues for an emotional approach to art and a reconsideration of our relationship with nature and the world.

Christie van der Haak at Schunck Heerlen

Christie van der Haak (1950) has made an installation of her fabrics, panels, wallpaper and paintings in the large outdoor showcase of Museum Schunck Heerlen, The Netherlands. In the thirty-meter-long shop window, her patterns unfold on a frieze that can be viewed from two sides. On the wallpaper and wall coverings Christie van der Haak’s paintings are displayed in which ornament and patterns have always played a major role.