The Solo Project

The Solo Project Christie van der Haak, Susanna Inglada wallpaper / expoypanels, drawings / installation 28 April through 1 May 2022 Circularium Liverpool 1, Chaussée de Mons 95, Brussels The Solo Project is an art fair initiated by gallerist Paul Kusseneers. Curators Tanya Rumpff, Charlotte Lidon, Nada Odeh, Eva Wuytjens and Christophe Ménager selected…

Christie van der Haak Celebrating Patterns

Christie van der Haak. Celebrating Patterns. Celebrating Patterns displays a large amount of new pattern designs by Christie van der Haak. It also contains an overview of commissions, exhibitions, and installations of the past years, including a. o. at the Stedelijk Museum Kampen (NL), Castle Helmond (NL), Wolfsonian Museum Miami, Museum De Lakenhal Leiden (NL),…

Christie van der Haak Nouveau Deco

Christie van der Haak (1950) has a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Kampen entitled Nouveau Deco – every pattern has a meaning. A frieze with her patterns has been applied to the facade of the museum. The main hall of the museum has been turned into a Gesamtkunstwerk dispaying Christie van der Haak’s floor and wall coverings, chairs upholsterd with her fabrics, carpets, panels and glass vases.

Different than Usual

In Different than Usual, Christie van der Haak (1950) is consciously contradicting the traditional White Cube by setting up two u-shaped cabinets in the gallery and covering these in her outspoken patterns. On the walls are artworks by 16 invited artists that she admires and finds interesting.

Tomb of the Ordinary Man

Tomb of the Ordinary Man Nare Eloyan, Jakup Ferri, Christie van der Haak Marjolijn van der Meij, Zeger Reyers, Elmar Trenkwalder drawings, work on paper, three dimensional work, sculpture, textile 17-02 through 17-03-2019 Tomb of the Ordinary Man, curated by Nare Eloyan (1988) focuses on art that has close ties to everyday life; as a…